Do you work with a second photographer or assistant?
Yes!  And not just a newbie trying to learn photography.   She’s been with me about 3 years now and is a seasoned photographer.  The only exception would be a very small & intimate wedding where I would come solo.

Do I get an album?
I offer both wedding & parent albums.  All albums are high end flush mount albums with thick, lay flat pages.   I can either design your album simply & elegant or give it a creative and artistic feel since I personally design each page myself.  It’s up to each couple how they would prefer it look.

Do I get an engagement session?
Yep!  And they are FREE with every wedding package!

How much is my investment going to cost?  
I have a variety of collections starting at $3,000.   If you fill out my contact form, I’d be happy to email you my full package offerings.

What equipment do you have & do you have back ups?
I’m a Canon girl and yes!  I have a variety of camera bodies & lenses, plus an advanced lighting system that can handle any dark situation.  I’ve got the equipment that can handle it and capture beautiful photos no matter what and plenty of backups if something stops working.

Do you have insurance?
Yes, I have the best insurance around.  If your venue needs proof, let me know and I’d be happy to send them a copy.

Do you use flash or work with natural light?
I work with both lighting sources depending on the affect I’m going for with the image I’m capturing.   And this brings up an important question you should ask any potential photographers.  Ask if they work with off camera lights because many do not and call themselves “Natural Light Photographers” That just means they don’t capture great shots once the sun goes down.  Reception photos are equally important and you want to make sure your entire day is captured beautifully.  I always suggest asking for a full wedding gallery, including dark reception images so you can see the quality of work is consistent throughout the day.

How do you describe your style?
I offer a mix of bold, romantic, candid and playful images.  I like to give my couples a variety unless they specifically ask for a certain style or look.  When editing, I try to keep them timeless and not get caught up in today’s trends and weird colors.  Trends fade and I want you to look at your images years from now and feel like they are still current.

I found a million, zillion, bajillion (is that a word?) pictures I LOVE on Pinterest.  Should I send them to you?
Well, yes and no.  Yes if you are trying to give me an idea of a look or feel you are after then no problem.  But no if you want that exact photo.  I like to capture weddings as moments happen, not force them. Photographers are freezing your moments in time, not trying to recreate moments that someone else has already created.    Light plays a huge factor how an image will turn out which can make it impossible to duplicate certain images.

What is your turn-around time and do I get a copy of all my photos?
The time of year will make a difference, but typically it takes 6-8 weeks after your wedding day.  I know that seems like a long time, but consider I’m organizing and editing photos taken by two photographers which is a TON.  Not including the normal day to day things any small business owner deals with.  I edit every image you receive and take my time so they are done right.

Once I get my pictures, do I have full rights to them?
You will receive your edited images and will be able to print copies wherever you choose and post whatever you want to social media sites.  However you DO NOT have the right to alter, change, add filters, convert color to black & white or anything else that will affect the images I send you.  If you want to change anything, please reach out and let me do it for you.  These images are a reflection of me and my work.  If you change the look of an image and post it to social media, it’s a false advertisement of my work and illegal.

Will you travel?
Yes!  However anywhere an hour outside the greater Sacramento area may incur a travel fee to cover my time and gas.  For weddings in Tahoe, Napa, San Francisco or beyond, I typically require a paid hotel night.  Snow, traffic, etc. is not predictable and I’d prefer to already be there on the day of the wedding to guarantee my arrival is on time.

How do I book you for my wedding day?
Give me a call or fill out the form on my “contact” page and  I’ll be in touch with you shortly.   We’ll set up a consultation where you give me your wedding day details so I can help you with a timeline and know how many hours you would need me.  I’ll also show you samples of albums and full wedding galleries so you can see my work from beginning to end.  If you aren’t local, we can discuss everything over the phone or Skype.  Even after we get together, no wedding date is held until a contract & deposit have been received.

Please contact me if you have any questions that were not addressed.

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