Thank you for considering me as your photographer!  

I’ve been in the business over 12 years and my specialty is capturing  weddings & engagements.  I also enjoy family sessions, high school seniors, maternity, head shots & more.  I see weddings as the Ferrari of all things to be photographed.  I get to go to work and be surrounded by people laughing, dancing and having the time of their lives!  Not to mention all the girly pretty details I get to be creative & artistic with.  As an artist, a wedding is candy to my eyes.

Most people hire their photographer based on their work which is obviously important.  But it’s equally important we make sure our personalities fit.  You’ve gotta love me and I’ve gotta love you!   We’ll spend a lot of time together and it’s important you feel confident that I would add to your experience in a positive, fun and worry free way.  I want you to see me as a friend that is invested in you, not just you being invested in me. 

I am confident, extroverted, social and quick.  I’m able to gather crowds and get people moving.  If you do not have a photographer with a strong personality like mine that is able keep things on track and make things happen, your wedding can turn into an unorganized mess that will become hours behind schedule.  That leaves you stressed and your guests bored and confused. 


I am the social gatherer that loves making people laugh, organizing trips, and bringing people together. Whether it’s camping, traveling, concerts, wine tasting, long hikes or weekend getaways, I love creating experiences I can enjoy with friends and family.

I’m a thrill seeking adrenaline junkie that loves skydiving, waterfall rapelling, ziplining, whitewater kayaking, riding crazy fast roller coasters and flying around on an ATV.

I’m an addict.  Yes, an addict to….  SUGAR.  I need my fix a few times a day, and full disclosure….  You will most likely find me in the corner of your reception room stuffing a piece of cake in my face.  It’s better than me drooling all over it right?

I’ve been married over 14 years and we’ve managed to end up with the most adorable fur babies on earth!  We’ve got a 9 year old Pomeranian, 1 year old Long Coat Dachshund and a 1 year old English Cocker Spaniel.  Although I only have dogs, I’m a lover of all animals so if you’re like me and your pets are just as important to you, I’m game if you want to include them in your engagement session or have them as the ring bearer in your wedding.  SO CUTE!

♥  ♥  ♥  ♥
Neisha Fulton
Owner/Photographer Extraordinaire

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