Sacramento based

Covering Central & Northern California. I have a passion for creating art with the pictures I take and offer my clients a blend of playful & romantic images that are rich in color.

The things I love

I love traveling and seeing the world. My adventurist side enjoys skydiving, ATV’s, kayaking and fast roller coasters. The artist in me enjoys graphic design, interior design and the art of photography. I love meditation and gardening as they both keep me centered. I love my girl’s trips and long walks along the beach. I prefer a cloudy cool day over the heat. And last but not least, I love my hubby and our 3 puppy babies.

I don't want to shoot what it looks like, but shoot what it feels like



Wedding packages start at $3,150.00 (contact me for a full price list)



Portraits start at $500.00

(families, senior graduates, etc.)

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I can't wait to hear from you!